Gardening trends

Hey there people.  I hope you’ve all had a great start to the new year, and have had some time to place all those Christmas presents you received around your home and garden.  One of my favourite Christmas presents is already pride of place in my garden, my new greenhouse.  It was a beautiful small greenhouse, bought by the wifey from the affordable online marketplace,

Gardening is one of my favourite pastimes, as anyone who has read this blog before will already know.  One of the reasons I love gardening is because I think of it as a type of art form, with so much history surrounding it.  But one of the best things is that there is always something new to try.  New plants, new species, new techniques and even new redone garden designs.  But my favourite part is the new trends that they release every year.

10 Gardening trends of 2017.

  1. Active Spaces.
    Due to recent trends for outdoor spaces, and research discovering more benefits to being outside with nature, fun and interactive outdoor areas have become vastly more popular.  Instead of a simple play area for children, think about ways you can incorporate nature and green landscapes.
  2. Dwarf Cultivars.
    As living spaces and gardens get smaller as more of us move to urban areas, dwarf versions of familiar trees and bushes are becoming more popular.
  3. Pollen planting.
    With lots of us being more concerned than ever about the effects of using chemicals on plants, more gardens are being designed to benefit different pollinating insects and animals.  Gardens focusing on bees, butterflies and hummingbirds are some of the more popular ones.
    pollen bee
  4. Chemical free.
    And even more than just getting pollinataing gardens, there has been a large move away from using chemical pest controls, to finding chemical free practices such as natural pest controls using bats and insect eating birds.  You can also use herbs, such as thyme, and flowers that repel insects such as mosquitoes.
  5. Living Walls.
    Another alternative for those of us who have small gardens, is using living walls as a way to structure and seperate our gardens.
  6. Gold, Gold, Gold.
    Gold is the colour for landscaping in 2017.  Think golden-y hues in bark and on trees, and bright vivacious floral arrangements.  It will also be seen in accessories and accents around the garden, golden wind chimes, balls and maybe a fountain or two should do it.
  7. Simplicity
    Instead of adding more and more new plants and shrubs into your garden.  2017 will be all about simplifying and enjoying your favourite plants in their own beautiful glory.
  8. Community.
    This year gardeners will be paying it forward in their gardens by planting communal spaces and using allotments.
  9. Creating.
    If you’re interested in trying something new out in your garden, then think about creating your own natural dyes made out of flowers, herbs and fruits.  You can then use these gardens in the kitchen or to dye fabrics and yarns and papers.  Natural dyes without ny of the harmful chemicals.
  10. Exotic Houseplants.
    Outdoors we might be simplifying our gardens but the true cannot be said for the inside.  This year unique an unusual houseplants will have pride of place in your rooms.