Kitten proofing your house.

Hi everyone.  How are we all doing?  I’ve always wanted a kitten.  Growing up we didn’t have a pet because we lived in a flat, and since I moved out of home I’ve never felt settled enough to take on the responsibility of looking after an animal.  Recently a friend asked If we could look after a 10 week old kitten for a couple of months, and I couldn’t turn her down.  Whilst there are so may great things about having a cat there’s also quite a bit of work that goes into kitten proofing your home.

  1. They will paw at and chew everything.
    Nothing is sacred in your house anymore. It will be chewed!
  2. Some plants are toxic.
    – Lilies, Azaleas, Daffodils, Mistletoe and Poinsettia.
  3. All lids should be kept closed.
    Kittens love to explore, and for some reasons toilets seem like a gret place to explore.
  4. Hot spots aren’t safe.
    There’s nothing your kitten likes doing more than sitting on your laptop, or hiding away the dryer. Check everything!
  5. Furniture will need cat proofing.
    Unless you want the kitten to attack all your furniture make sur to buy some scratching posts and climbing posts for them to use.
  6. Secure everything.
    Closing something no longer means it will stay closed.
  1. Lock windows and screens.
  2. Toys, toys, toys.
    The only way to keep a kitten amused is by making sure you have plenty of toys for them to play with.
  3. Patience is a virtue.
    Just remember that you have to be patient. Kitten will get into more than you can imagine.  So just keep calm!


There’s many things I haven’t discovered yet about looking after a kitten.  Do you have any advice for a new kitten owner like myself?