My allotment.

Hi all, it’s Stringer back with another new post on my Home and Garden blog.

I wanted to kick this blog off by showing you what I’m currently growing in my allotment. There’s so many different plants, fruits and vegetables to choose from that as a novice it can be quite hard to decide what to grow.  

My first bit of advice is to make sure that you grow the things you like to eat.  There is absolutely no point in tending away to a certain fruit or vegetable that you’re going to have to give away at the end.  

Secondly, plan what you can grow based on the amount of time you are going to be able to spend at your allotment.  If you can’t get out to your allotment every few days then it’s not worth planting any plant that has a short window of opportunity to be picked at its peak.  This would mean that you have to know exactly when to pick each plant, and to make sure that you’re available that whole week in case anything peaks early or late.

My Allotment

Now onto a few of my plants in my allotment.

Carrots – A great beginner.  Even fussy eaters love carrots and they grow so easily.  I recommend growing them next to some garlic or chives to keep away carrot fly.

Courgettes – one of the easiest to grow as they grow quickly and don’t require too much mollycoddling.

Squash – So many different varieties that you’re sure to find one of you own.  So tasty and hardy that you can surely make room for them in any allotment.

Tomatoes – One of the easiest plants to get right, but one of the hardest to perfect.  If you just want to munch on some tomatoes try a bush variety such as Tumbling Tom.

What else are you growing in your allotments this year?