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 Welcome to my Home and Garden Blog.

Hi, I’m Stringer.  And this is my new Home and Garden Blog – a showcase for all the latest Home and Garden news.  

I’m a big fan of gardening, and have been growing my own herbs, fruits and vegetables for many years now.  I have a rather large fruit and vegetable patch and a small greenhouse at my local allotment, where I head on down every Wednesday and Sunday.  And in our back garden we are currently growing some herbs and have several old large fruit trees from when the kids were little.  

My misses is far more a fan of home improvements, and i’ll regularly get home from a day out at the allotment to find her having torn down the wallpaper in a room, or doing some DIY and upcycling different found objects.  It all ends well though, the house is pretty robust after all these years!

In this blog I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks from both me and the misses, as well as random bits of home and garden news I find around the web.

I hope you enjoy this, and please comment below if there’s anything you’d like to see.